Investigative Scope

The Security and Investigations and Compliance and Investigations Units (Security and Compliance, respectively) have overlapping areas of investigation. The following table outlines whether Security, Compliance, or both generally act in certain circumstances. Who investigates or functions in these incidents is ultimately decided by the directors of Security and Compliance and the director of Employee Relations. This is intended as a starting point in requesting assistance. 




Security, criminal justice, homeland security advice Advice or guidance for administrators, employees, parents, and community members on security, criminal justice, homeland security, and similar subject matter expertise Security
Missing student Assist in investigating missing children (local police primary investigating agency) Security
Student suspensions Assist in investigating student suspensions and other complaints deemed necessary by supervisory personnel Compliance
Assistance with emergency incidents Assist in management of incidents adjacent to or on district property, to include bus transportation, that affect their operations or safety (fires, explosions, hazardous materials release, hostage situations, crimes in progress, traffic accidents, storms, etc.) Security
Juvenile court assistance and referrals Collaborate with juvenile courts in processing youths who are a danger to the schools, self, or the community. Conduct follow-up investigations on court referrals. Compliance
Arson Investigate arson or assist the fire department arson investigators Security
Suspected child abuse or neglect Investigate child abuse or neglect occurring in the district (See JCPS policy letter or brochure from Student Relations and Safety, "Child Abuse and Your Responsibility.") Compliance
Suspected crimes committed on district property Investigate crimes committed against students, employees, visitors, or the district on JCPS property (including buses) and not being investigated by an outside law enforcement agency (Crimes Against Children Unit [CACU], Jeffersontown Police Department, Louisville Metro Police Department, Shively Police Department, etc.) and the victim wants to prosecute. Cannot investigate if being investigated by another law enforcement agency. (If employee is the perpetrator, see item below.) Security
District employees suspected of criminal activity When assigned by the director of Employee Relations or Human Resources, to investigate suspected crimes by employees against the district. Cannot investigate if being investigated by another law enforcement agency. Security
Complaints of student, staff, volunteer, or visitor misconduct Investigate student, staff, volunteer, and visitor misconduct/grievance pertaining to policy, federal, and state civil statutes. Incidents may occur on the bus, while walking to and from school, in a school facility, or during an official school function/assignment. Compliance
Serious injuries or deaths Investigate injuries (critical/serious) or deaths of employees or students on school property Security
Complaints of harassment and/or discrimination Investigate racial or sexual harassment or discrimination Compliance
Coordinate with CPS/CACS Liaison with Child Protective Services (CPS) /Crimes Against Children Section (CACS) Compliance
Coordinate with emergency response agencies Liaison with criminal justice, fire, and other emergency response agencies Security
Assist law enforcement agencies Provide assistance to the appropriate law enforcement agencies as deemed necessary Both
Consultation on school incidents Provide assistance to students, parents, local administrators, faculty, etc., by providing consultation pertaining to school incidents handled by CIU or SIU Both
Disorder or violence Respond to disruptive, disorderly, violent, or potentially violent parents, employees, students, and visitors (or assist local police) Security
Drugs and weapons Respond to drugs or weapons found or suspected on JCPS property and buses (or assist local police) Security
Fire alarms and fires Respond to and investigate fires alarms and fires on school property (or assist the fire department) Security
Bomb threats Respond to and investigate bomb threats Security
Threats against students, employees, and visitors Respond to and investigate serious threats against students, employees, or visitors while in JCPS buildings Security
Intruders and suspicious activities Respond to and investigate intruders in JCPS buildings or suspicious activities on campus (or assist local police) Security
Traffic accidents Traffic accidents on school property, administrative investigation, and report only (local police investigate injury accidents) Security
Education and training Education or training of students and district personnel on compliance, laws, policies, investigations, security, and safety procedures Both
Neighborhood youth problems Work with neighborhood youths who have come to the attention of the school for minor neighborhood disputes that interrupt the well-being of the school Compliance