In-Person Interpreting - Oral Communication


Advantages of In-Person Interpreting

  • It helps detect body language and facial expressions.
  • It energizes a positive climate between you and your student/parent.
  • It is more personal.
  • It boosts effectiveness.

In-Person Interpreting is Effective in the Following School Settings

  • Interpretation session that will be very lengthy—more than 30 minutes
  • Interpretation sessions where sensitive information will be shared
  • Interpretation sessions conducted in a group setting, such as Exceptional Child Education (ECE) meetings where several members of a group may be participating
  • Interpretation session will be enhanced with visual cues.

Working With an In-Person Interpreter

The role of the interpreter is to communicate from source language to target language accurately and completely. Interpreters are not facilitators or advocates.

Tips for Working Effectively With an In-Person Interpreter

  • Plan accordingly. Meetings will take longer when using an interpreter.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Brief the interpreter so that he or she has an understanding of what the session entails.
  • Speak directly to the student/parent.
  • Pause after every one or two sentences.
  • Ask if the student/parent understands.
  • Do not use acronyms or technical terms.
  • Clarify unique vocabulary, and provide examples if they are needed to explain a term.
  • To ensure accuracy, your interpreter may sometimes ask for clarification or repetition.

Tips for Working With an Interpreter Before and During Your Event

Guidelines for Requesting an In-Person Interpreter

  • Any JCPS employee can request in-person interpreters.
  • The requester requires a username and password to submit an interpreter request.
  • Submit the interpreter request at least five working days in advance. If less than five days, call JCPS Language Services at (502) 485-6379.
  • Schools set up an event with a parent with the assistance of an over-the-phone interpreter.
  • Departments set up an event with a parent with the assistance of an over-the-phone interpreter.
  • Immediately notify JCPS Language Services if the parent cannot attend the event by sending an email to Include the request number in your email. Please understand that the district might incur interpreter costs.

Processing Requests

Language Services will review your request promptly and correspond by phone, email, or text to keep you informed of the status of your request.