Academies at Iroquois

Our mission at Iroquois High School is to foster academic strength, emotional resilience, and social responsibility. We are committed to providing all students equitable access to opportunities that are championed by culturally proficient staff and diverse stakeholders. Iroquois joined the Academies of Louisville in 2018 to offer students the opportunity to explore and prepare for a variety of potential career pathways. Academies allow students to fully engage in personalized educational experiences that encompass multiple content areas and bring relevance to classroom instruction. As a member of their Academy, students enjoy a small community dedicated to supporting their future success.

School Highlights:

  • With students from more than 54 countries who speak more than 41 languages, the cultural diversity at Iroquois High School allows for unique opportunities for all students to learn about the world around them.
  • Small Learning Community—Small teams of students and teachers offer a personalized, cross-curricular learning experience.
  • Academic courses include Honors, Advance, Advanced Placement (AP), and dual credit.
  • A variety of elective courses are offered, including courses that earn college credit and industry certifications.
  • The Builder’s Apprenticeship Academy provides students with hands-on experience in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, welding, and constructional electric while working in our school’s various workspaces. Students in the TRACK pathways may participate in apprenticeships with local employers that enable them to continue gaining the hours of experience they need to complete their training in these in-demand fields.
  • Students in the Culinary and Food Services pathway learn how to prepare and plate food in a fully-equipped kitchen on the school’s campus. Students gain industry certifications and an understanding of nutrition as well as business and service basics related to various restaurant and culinary environments. Students graduate from this program equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in the culinary and food services industry.

Iroquois High Pathway Chart, link to chart contents below

Pathway Chart