Academies at Seneca

Seneca High School

is a positive, caring community where staff members and scholars are committed to becoming an exemplary model for success in a global society. Our mission is to prepare scholars for college and career goals as measured by the state academic standards. We are committed to providing an environment and a system of support to ensure all scholars are successful. We are leading the way in the Academies of Louisville initiative as 1 of the original 11 JCPS high schools that opened as a wall-to-wall Academy school. Along with the Academies, we offer the Advance Program and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

School Highlights:

  • Small learning community—Small teams of scholars and champions offer a personalized learning experience.
  • Core classes—English, math, science, social studies, Seneca 101, and electives
  • All freshmen will take Seneca 101. This one-year course teaches career exploration and development along with essential success skills, such
  • as how to take initiative and responsibility, effective teamwork and communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. This course will help you make an informed decision about which Academy you will enroll in for your sophomore through senior years and what personal, collegiate, and professional journey you would like to embark on after high school.
  • Offers the district’s only Urban Agri-Science Technology magnet
  • program where students learn animal and plant science as well as wildlife management. The animal science pathway focuses on veterinary medicine as well as equine and small animal science. The plant science pathway includes greenhouse management, aquaculture, and floral and landscape design. Students in the wildlife management pathway study wildlife rehabilitation; habitat building and loss; plant, soil, and water quality; pollution and contamination; and renewable practices in forestry. Instruction includes laboratories, field experiences, student-run businesses, supervised agriculture experiences, and leadership development through the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Students have the potential to earn dual credit through Murray State University.

Seneca High Pathway Chart, link to chart contents below

Pathway Chart