Academies at Waggener

Waggener High School is diverse and overflowing with unique students from various cultural backgrounds. We honor, embrace, and showcase these differences and international contributions to our school community. Waggener is empowering a new generation of young people who will graduate from high school prepared for college, careers, and the successful futures that await them. We are leading the way in the Academies of Louisville initiative as 1 of the 11 participating JCPS high schools opening as a wall-to-wall Academy school for the 2018-19 school year. Along with the Academies at Waggener, we offer the Advance Program, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Comprehensive Program, and Honors Program to provide students of all academic levels the support to reach the next level.

Student Highlights 

  • Freshman Bridge Program—The two-day Freshman Academy Summer Bridge Program is an orientation program for incoming freshmen that acclimates them to the school building/community, teaches them high school basics, identifies learning needs, and introduces students to the academy teachers.
  • Academic Intervention Period (CAT Time)—Works to develop time-management and organization skills while providing academic interventions and character development
  • Mentoring Program—Alumni/Staff are matched with students based on needs and/or similar interests.  Mentors are paired with their student during CAT Time or before or after school. 
  • Positive Behavior Management Program (HERO)—Students are awarded points and recognized every six weeks for displaying Waggener’s four Pillars of Success (Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Prepared).  Staff members award points electronically, and students use the HERO app to cash in their points for Wagg Swag at our HERO store.

Waggener High Pathway Chart, link to chart contents below

Pathway Chart