Welcome to JCPSeSchool

JCPSeSchool is an online option for students to take high school courses. It is mostly credit recovery for the Jefferson County district, but Jefferson County High School students and home school students use eSchool as an option for initial credit. There are students all over Kentucky enrolled in eSchool courses as well as nationwide.

Student in graduation cap and gown holding diploma with administrator
  JCHS/eSchool Recent Graduate

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Why do students take our online courses?

We have nearly 20,000 students enrolled in our courses. These students come from schools all over the country in more than ten different states. Each of these schools and individual students have stories and reasons why they need eSchool courses.

  • Credit Recovery—A student may need to make up a credit that he or she was not able to earn at his or her school.
  • Home School—JCPSeSchool offers a viable option for parents of home school students to get credits in higher-level high school courses.
  • Allows for Flexible Scheduling—Students can take courses online, which frees up periods or blocks at their schools for specialized courses, like band or chorus.
  • Home Hospital—Another viable option for students who are unable to attend school for long periods of time or are unable to attend at all
  • Courses Not Available at Their School—Some higher-level courses, such as Physics, may not be offered at smaller schools because of staffing, and eSchool can offer another alternative.
  • Enrichment—Students may just want to enrich their learning or their education by taking courses they can’t fit into their schedule.
  • More Suitable Learning Style—Some students may have a learning style that is more suited to online learning and find more success in the online environment.


Open Entry, Open Exit—What does this mean?

JCPSeSchool is an open entry, open exit school. It is considered an asynchronous learning environment.

Open entry, open exit means that students may enroll any time of the year, not necessarily within the constraints of the semester or trimester school calendar. Each student is given a 90-day window* to complete his or her semester course.

Asynchronous means students work at their own pace and determine their own progress. They do not have to keep a certain tempo or reach milestones in the class in a specific amount of time. This allows a student to master concepts before being forced to move on in the class, which is very much like a live classroom environment. In a typical eSchool class, there will be students working in every unit of the course on any particular day.

*Schools that require the courses for students as a credit may assign a particular deadline for the course to be finished that is different from the window given by eSchool.


How do our teachers make these courses successful?

  • Highly Qualified Educators—JCPSeSchool is different than almost any other virtual high school environment. Behind every course is a certified, highly qualified teacher. Each teacher at eSchool has met all requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for classification as a highly qualified educator for the subject he or she is teaching.
  • Lessons Written by Teachers—The lessons were written by teachers employed at eSchool. The teacher is the owner of the course, and thus, it is literally his or her virtual classroom. Teachers are constantly striving to meet the Kentucky Academic Standards for their course and to create interesting, informative lessons.
  • 24-Hour Support—Each course has a  message system in which students can contact their teacher for help with any problems that may arise. These messages are answered within 24 hours. The problem may not be solved that quickly, but students will get a response and will know the teacher is aware of their needs and working to solve their problem.

NCAA Eligibility

“Coursework from JCPSeSchool does not meet NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation. Coursework from students who enrolled on or after June 5, 2012, cannot be used. Coursework from students prior to June 5, 2012, will be reviewed individually. An individual review requires the production of student-specific and course-specific materials.” —NCAA Eligibility Center

Jefferson County High School (JCPSeSchool) will continue to provide a student-directed, self-paced curriculum developed by highly qualified Kentucky teachers. Students are allowed the flexibility to start and finish courses on any given day. Our teachers facilitate one-on-one communication with each individual student. Currently, NCAA member institutions grant approval to teacher-directed, trimester-/semester-based programs with whole-class discussions. —Artie Dietz, JCPSeSchool