Early Childhood Emergency Drop-Off Center Guidelines

The Early Childhood Emergency Drop-Off Center has been established at Dawson Orman Education Center. The center is located at 900 South Floyd Street, (502) 485-7008. The purpose of this center, which is staffed between 4 and 7 p.m., is to receive Early Childhood students who do not have authorized persons at the bus stop to pick them up in the afternoon. The Emergency Drop-Off Center is not to serve as a substitute for babysitting services.

A student will not be released to any person who is not authorized to pick them up. Proper photo identification will be required of anyone who picks up the student at the center.

The center employees will make all attempts to have the student picked up before the center closes at 7 p.m. If this is not successful, it will be necessary for them to contact the Dawson Orman principal and the police department and request that the student be taken to the Home of the Innocents. Appropriate referrals will be made to agencies, such as Child Protective Services (CPS).

Referrals will also be made if the same student has to be brought to the Emergency Drop-Off Center three or more times even if they are picked up before 7 p.m.

Transportation services may be suspended either temporarily or permanently if a student has to be taken to the Emergency Drop-Off Center.