Starting the 2020-21 School Year Onward, Together

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This is your one-stop shop for everything you and your child need to begin the 2020-21 school year. Everything from immunization forms to “how to” information on navigating Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) 2.0 is on this page. We know the beginning of this school year is different from any other, but we’re here to help you and your child have the best experience possible at your JCPS school. 

NTI 2.0 - What Familes Should Know

All JCPS students will be engaged in online Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI 2.0) for at least the first six weeks of the school year. Watch our introductory video.

NTI 2.0 means your child will receive their education on a device while at home with virtual instruction from their JCPS teachers.

NTI 2.0 will look different than the NTI students experienced in the spring. We are building a more robust program that will incorporate new instruction and a deeper experience for students in pre-K through 12th grade. NTI 2.0 will have more live and recorded instruction much like a traditional in-person classroom experience, more opportunities for interaction with classmates and teachers, and more guided coursework that will be individualized to meet the needs of our students. Parents can also expect frequent communication from their child’s school and teacher.  Students will be using Google classroom again to access their instruction.  Your student’s teacher may use programs like Edmentum, Gale, and Literacy Footprints for coursework.

We’ve developed toolkits and information families and students can use to find their school’s NTI 2.0 site, their teachers and technical assistance. 

    Parent and Student Orientation

    Families will be provided with multiple opportunities for virtual or drive-thru orientations to learn more about what NTI 2.0 will look like at your student’s school.  Your school will be notifying you of the date for these sessions.

    English as a Second Language Parent Orientations in Native Languages

    The JCPS ESL department is working hard to support families during NTI 2.0! The department has created a Family NTI 2.0 newsletter, and will be hosting parent orientations in native languages. For more information and a schedule of the orientations, click here.


    Parents and guardians must fill out several forms, from immunizations to school permissions, before school starts. JCPS now has an online portal for you to find and fill out every form required of you and your child. To access the forms, you will need to set up a Parent Place account and login that’s different than your Parent Portal login information. If you need help setting up this account or accessing the forms, watch this Parent Place Video. Get more guidance on student forms and online registration. 

    Meal Distribution

    JCPS will continue to provide meals to families during NTI 2.0. Be sure to fill out your meal application or Educational Benefits forms by visiting the Nutrition Services website. This site also has a list of the 131 distribution sites beginning August 25th, which include most JCPS schools. Meals will be distributed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Meals will be provided to any child 18 and under.

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    Welcome, Kindergarteners and New Students!

    Every year, we make a big deal of welcoming kindergarteners, their families, and other students and families who are new to JCPS. While the celebration won’t look quite the same this year, we want to make sure the newest members of the JCPS family feel welcome and have everything they need before school starts. Here’s a checklist:

    • Make sure your child is registered for classes. Enrollment is online only at this time.
    • How do you know which school your child is supposed to attend? 
    • What should you be doing to make sure your child is ready for kindergarten? 
    • Attend your school’s Parent and Student Drive-Thru Orientation.
    • Fill out required forms.

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    Contact Information

    We have a lot of information to share with parents and families before and during the school year. But we can’t share that information if we don’t have an updated email address and cell phone number to reach you. 

    To make sure you receive text messages, simply opt in to School Messenger by texting Y to 67587.  You MUST opt in to this system to receive text messages.  Even if JCPS has your correct phone number on file, you won’t receive text messages if you haven’t opted in to School Messenger.

    To receive emails from the district and your child’s school, you must have your current email address in our JCPS system.  Information can be updated in the Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal login, you can set up an account here.

    If you have an existing account, go to Parent Portal and click “Log on to the Parent Portal.” 

    1. Choose Campus Parent   
    2. Enter log in credentials (user name and password)
      1. Click More
      2. Click Family Information
      3. Click Update (correct your information then click ‘Update’ again) 

    For a video explaining the steps to access the Parent Portal and Infinite Campus and view what’s inside, click here.  

    If you are unable to update your information, please complete this form and we can help.

    New Communication Tool

    Families can now communicate directly with their child’s school and teachers through an app called School CNXT.  The app will help families and school staff overcome language barriers by allowing them to message each other with translations in multiple languages. Check with your child’s school to find out if they are planning to use this important new tool to communicate with you.

    Information to Expect From Your School

    As we begin each school year, there is often a great deal of information and opportunities that are shared with students and families. Using the contact information we have for you and your child, your school will be able to share details about school culture, materials needed for certain courses, scheduling, special [virtual] events, extracurricular opportunities, dress code requirements, and more that are specific to your school. 

    Tips For Student Success

    During NTI we want your child to be successful with NTI, so here are some tips for success:

    • Be prepared to set up daily and weekly schedules for your child
    • Have a quiet time set aside for when your child needs to meet online with their teachers or class
    • Set aside a place in your home for learning supplies and important school papers
    • Reassure your child that it’s OK to speak up online and ask questions

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    We know, at some point, you or your child may have trouble accessing some part of the NTI platform. So here’s a little help:

    • If you or your child is struggling to log in to Google Classroom or the Google suite of apps, start here for help. 
    • If you need help navigating Google Classroom, watch this video.

    If you’re still struggling with this or have questions about anything else in JCPS, call (502) 313-HELP. Our help line employees will do their best to answer your question or direct you to someone who can.

    JCPS has also put together a resource booklet for parents called “The First Task Is to Ask.” It includes answers to many questions parents have throughout the year, from questions about student behavior, volunteering, gifted services, and a host of others. You can find this valuable resource here


    JCPS students and teachers need your help. Find out how you can help buy Chromebooks or other resources for students.

    And our students in Career and Technical Education need supplies to develop their skills from home during NTI 2.0 - everything from mannequins for our Health Science program students to makerspace kits for engineering students. Learn how you can help.