Student Assignment Proposal

students siting with laptops and other mobile devices ini hand "Student Assignment Proposal: Choice for all students"

The Proposal

After two and a half years of working with and listening to community members, JCPS has drafted a proposal to the public to provide middle and high school students in West Louisville more choice about where they attend school. Under this new proposal, middle and high school students would have the choice of attending a school close to home or attend a school in another part of the county.  Students would be able to attend a new West Louisville middle school and The Academy @ Shawnee for high school, if this plan is approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education.

After receiving community feedback, we believe families want a say in where their child attends school.  Middle and high school students in West Louisville are the only students in Jefferson County Public Schools who don’t have a close to home option and are assigned to schools that are sometimes up to 14 miles away. JCPS has drafted this proposal in the spirit of working with families and ensuring choice for all families.

Goals of Proposal

One of the goals of this proposal is to provide students the opportunity to stay with their peers from middle school to high school. The plan calls for adjusting school boundaries in West Louisville for students who would like to attend school in another area of the county.  The new boundaries would be more consistent and would allow students across several blocks in West Louisville to attend the same farther away school if they choose.  This proposal aims to provide more consistency for our students by streamlining patterns from middle to high school.  For example, under this proposal, if a student opted to attend Kammerer Middle School, they could decide to continue on to Ballard High School.  Under our current plan, a student could be assigned to Kammerer Middle School and then assigned to Doss High School across the county.  Students in West Louisville would still have the option to select a middle or high school close to home.   

Find my new away school: This tool will allow middle and high school students to see the proposed choices versus the current assignment.

So what does this mean for a Family? 

Currently if a family lives at 1100 West Dumesnil Street, the student is assigned to Highland for Middle School and Fairdale for High School. 

This means that:

  1. The student is assigned to a middle school far away from home.  
  2. When the student makes friends with classmates and it is time to go to high school, the students who live close to Highland are (for the most part) assigned to Atherton but this student will go all the way across town to Fairdale.

How is the new plan different?

  1. The child at this address is assigned to Noe Middle School or the new West Louisville Middle School for Middle School.  The family will consider which of these two schools is a better fit for their child and select that school. 
  2. The child at this address is assigned to Seneca High School or the Academy @ Shawnee.  The family will consider which of these two schools is a better fit for their child and select that school. 

Another goal of this proposal is to increase family engagement in schools. This proposal aims to foster a greater sense of engagement and involvement by making it easier for parents and guardians to engage in after school events or participate in activities during the school day. 

This proposal would also make it easier for students to be involved in after-school activities and athletics if transportation were not an issue. 

A final goal of this proposal is to make it easier for students to get to school. Transportation is provided to students from JCPS, but if a child misses the school bus finding another way to school could be difficult. This proposal will cut down on travel times and make schools more accessible to our students and families.

Next Steps

In order to fully implement this proposal, it would require the construction of a new school.  Along with this new middle school, we would also need to consider building another new middle school and potentially a new high school in order to adequately meet the needs of our students and families in West Louisville.  

Implementation of this proposal would begin with 6th and 9th grades, beginning in School Year 2021-2022, if this measure is approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Racial Equity Analysis Protocol (REAP)

The following Racial Equity Analysis Protocol were conducted by the Student Assignment Review Advisory Committee during the development of the school choice recommendations:

Please use the following contact information to sign up for a Dual Resides Focus Group:

Phone: (502) 313-5987