JCPS offers gifted education services for identified students across all grade levels. Primary students (kindergarten through grade three) are screened and selected as high-potential learners, and students in grades four through twelve are formally identified for services in one or more of the following areas: 

  • General Intellectual Ability 
  • Specific Academic Aptitude 
  • Creative or Divergent Thinking 
  • Psychosocial or Leadership Skills 
  • Visual or Performing Arts 

The Advance Program provides challenging schoolwork for academically high-achieving students. To join the program, students must meet certain academic criteria. The Advance Program is available at all JCPS schools, with the exception of Traditional Schools. 

Twice a year, all Gifted/Advance Program students receive a Gifted Student Services Plan/Gifted Progress Report, which includes information on progress toward meeting a range of academic goals.

If you think your child works above grade level and has advanced critical-thinking skills, talk to a school counselor about Advance Program testing, which is available in October. Testing is first offered in third grade, and the program is available to students in the fourth grade and above.

Here are the admittance criteria for the Advance Program. 

Email questions to the Gifted and Talented/Advance Program office.

JCPS District Gifted Policy

Get state regulations on programs for gifted and talented students.