College and Careers

Academic and college/career planning provides all students with the opportunity to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement, and areas of interest early on so students and their families can set postsecondary goals and make informed choices to support students in reaching the desired outcome. The focus of academic and career planning is threefold: to help students acquire the skills needed to achieve academic success, to make connections between school and life experiences, and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be college- and career-ready upon high school graduation. Counselors believe that education has the power to erase poverty and redefine lives. Each student, at each educational level, is exposed to a college-going culture at school. Counselors help students and parents navigate through the college application process during high school. Students explore career opportunities and interests as they discover and set postsecondary goals. Check with your child's school counselor to learn more about college and career events/activities and supports that are offered at your child's school.