LEEP Program Elements


The Louisville Education and Employment Partnership (LEEP) uses the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’S) Persistence to Graduation Tool, along with the Smart Ed early warning indicator, to identify students who need additional support and to help them achieve their goal of high school graduation.

In addition to providing direct services to students, LEEP career planners link students and their families to programs that can help the students achieve academic and vocational success. New enrollees also participate in an on-site team-building activity in September and October to help them connect with the program and with each other.

Case Management

Career planners at participating schools serve about 75 current students in addition to former ones.

The planners help current students overcome daily issues, guide them in making wise choices, and strive to prepare them for their future after graduation. The focus is on support, information, and resources that at-risk students need to develop academic and employment-readiness skills.

Junior and seniors enrolled in the LEEP Program are offered college tours, help with college applications, and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshops—along with an on-site College & Career Fair and an online employment-readiness module that helps prepare them for summer or part-time jobs. Students also can prepare for the ACT through the Study Island online learning tool, which they can complete at their own pace.

Working with school counselors, LEEP career planners identify students who are missing high school credits. The planners work with school liaisons to give students the chance to participate in JCPSeSchool at no cost to the school.

LEEP uses a data management system that tracks crucial benchmark indicators and enables career planners to closely monitor students’ attendance, suspensions, and credits earned.

Educational Support

Students who participate in LEEP enroll in the Study Island online tool for content recovery or in JCPSeSchool for credit recovery. Help also is available for ACT and SAT preparation and study skills development.


LEEP prepares students for summer and after-school jobs through an online employment-readiness module, résumé preparation guidance, mock interview sessions with community volunteers, and career coaching. The partnership provides help with full-time, career-oriented employment after students graduate.

Transition to College

LEEP helps students complete college applications and hosts financial-aid workshops. All students nearing graduation can visit and learn about colleges and vocational schools.


There are many ways for adult mentors to work with the partnership. Some mentors are matched with individual students to provide support for their educational and vocational goals. Other mentors work with groups of students to address such issues as literacy, life skills, vocational exploration, and college preparation.


LEEP collaborates with several community organizations and youth programs, which are listed in the annual report.


The partnership conducts annual evaluations. Results for LEEP students are compared to a control group and to all JCPS students. These results are reported to the collaborating partners in a public forum each year.