Parents/Guardians at the Intake Center

At the English as a Second Language (ESL) Intake Center, the parent/guardian will:

  • Complete paperwork for school enrollment with the help of the multilingual Intake staff.
  • Learn about the choices available for his or her child:
    • If a child does not qualify for ESL, he or she will be referred to his or her home school (based on his or her address). Intake staff can provide the parent with information about JCPS.
    • Enrollment in ESL is a choice. If a parent chooses not to put his or her child in ESL, the Intake staff will guide the parent with the information needed for that choice also.
  • Parents who accept ESL services will receive the following information within five working days:
    • Details about the school assignment
    • Transportation details
    • Student uniform requirements
    • ESL teacher/bilingual instructor names