ECE Parent Resources

Parent Resource Center

JCPS established the Parent Resource Center to help parents understand the special education process. The center’s staff can help parents work in partnership with their child’s school.

Parent Resource Center Services

  • Information on the special education process and available programs
  • Opportunities to talk with parent liaisons who understand the needs of families with children who have disabilities
  • Resources to assist in understanding disabilities, planning transitions, and helping develop advocacy skills
  • Opportunities to participate in the Understanding Special Education workshops
  • Information on services, assistance, and support groups available in Jefferson County
  • Help interacting with teachers and other school staff members about questions or concerns

Procedural Safeguards Notice (Parental Rights)

This document explains the protections available to parents and children under federal law and state regulations. Parents are given a written copy and an oral explanation of these rights as part of the Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) process. Parents may receive additional copies or further explanation by contacting a school counselor or the specialist in the Exceptional Child Education (ECE) Placement Office.