Medication Authorization

Before a single dose of medication can be administered to a student in a JCPS school or on a field trip, appropriate authorization must be on file.

Authorization forms are valid only for the current school year.

Any time a change occurs for the medication (a change in dosage or a change in the time the medication should be taken, for example), written authorization from the healthcare provider must be submitted.

JCPS cannot accept written or verbal requests from parents for medication administration or for any changes related to medication.

The time the medication is to be administered must be specified for all daily medications.

Authorization forms must be signed by the parent/guardian, and over-the-counter medications must also be signed by a healthcare provider.

Translated Forms

Medication Procedures

  • Per district policy, all medications should be kept in a safe, locked, secure place, except for emergency medications and those approved for students to self-carry.
  • All medications should be brought to school by the parent/caregiver in the original, labeled container. If there are difficulties with getting medications to the schools, school staff should be contacted.
  • Once medications arrive at the school, they need to be counted by Health Services trained staff and documented on the Medication Administration Record (MAR).
  • All medications must be documented at the time of administering the medication to the student.

School Health Plans

School Health Plans (SHPs) are needed for each student with a known health condition. The form must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the healthcare provider to be valid. Forms are kept at students’ schools and provide individual emergency plans. An additional authorization form (see authorization forms above) may be needed to administer medication. Each form submitted to a school also must be faxed to Health Services at (502) 485-3670. Questions? Call (502) 485-3387.

District staff members may not provide health services for a student without the proper form on file for the current school year.

Any health service provided for a student must be documented. Use the Health Services Log.

Field Trip Information

If a student requires medication during a field trip, school staff members must complete the Health Services Medication Administration Training for Unlicensed School Personnel. If any medications—including EpiPens, inhalers, Diastat, or Glucagon—are taken during a field trip, a trained staff member must accompany the student. It is the school’s responsibility to provide this staff member. Health Services training is valid only for the current school year. Check pdCentral for a list of training dates.

If the field trip is out of county/state or is overnight, contact Health Services and fax the field trip approval form to (502) 485-3670 at least 2 weeks (14 days) before the field trip.

Diabetes Information

For more information on diabetes, visit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) website.