Health Screenings

Per Kentucky regulation, JCPS Health Services is required to offer various screenings to students. Schools will be contacted to schedule a screening date and will be supplied all the information needed. Non-consent forms are sent to all parents and should be completed if they do not wish for their child to participate. The JCPS Health Services Department will notify parents if their child fails a screening or if the student could not be tested for some reason. 

Hearing Screenings

These screenings are performed for elementary students in kindergarten through second grade as well as Exceptional Child Education (ECE) self-contained students. The screenings also are performed for students in grades three through five who have been referred by a teacher.

Vision Screenings

Prescreenings are done at the school prior to the screening date set by the Health Services Department. Vision screenings also are performed for students in grades three through five who have failed their prescreening, and they are performed for ECE resource students. 

Translated versions of the Vision/Hearing Non-Consent Forms are available for school staff to send to parents/guardians along with the original version of the Vision/Hearing Non-Consent Form.

Scoliosis Screenings

Scoliosis screenings are no longer required by Kentucky regulation but are still offered by JCPS Health Services. Schools will be contacted to set up a screening date. An active permission slip is sent home with all eligible students and must be returned signed by the parent/guardian in order for the student to get screened. Screenings are offered to all students in grades six and eight. Students need to watch the video below prior to the screening date.