Translation of Documents (Written Communication)

Before submitting a translation request, JCPS Language Services recommends visiting the JCPS Translation Library and searching for districtwide documents already translated.

Guidelines for Requesting a Translation

  • T.I.E. requesters can submit translation requests.
  • The requester requires a username and password to submit a translation request.
  • Submit translation request at least three working days in advance. If less than three days, call JCPS Language Services at (502) 485-6379.
  • The delivery date is linked to the complexity of the text, the translator's availability, and Language Services workload.
  • Word documents are the ideal format for request submissions. We do not have the resources for elaborate formatting or desktop publishing work.
  • It must be an editable format.
  • Due to budget constraints, our office prioritizes translations of documents used districtwide.
  • The office/department in charge of the document will decide whether to translate the document or not.

Processing Requests

Language Services will review your request promptly and correspond by phone, email, or text to keep you informed of the status of your request.