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United Community is a coordinated care network of health, education, and social care providers, managed by Metro United Way. Partners in the network are connected through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, which enables them to send and receive electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve health, education, and financial wellbeing.  Jefferson County Public Schools is a member of the United Community Network, allowing JCPS staff to more quickly and efficiently connect JCPS students to supports and intervention to address needs affecting student health, well-being, and the ability to learn and grow.

Consent to Share Data with Metro United Way for Research and Analysis

In accordance the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a parent/guardian must grant consent for JCPS to share information regarding their child with other organizations. A student age 18 or older may provide consent to have their own information be shared. In this instance, Metro United Way is requesting that JCPS provide student information and data to better understand the impact that the interventions have on these outcomes and to create a more coordinated community response to educational, health, and human needs.

Sharing a child’s information and data for this program evaluation is voluntary. If a parent/guardian decides not to give consent, the child should still be connected to services using the Unites Us platform. If a parent allows access to their child’s data, they may stop participating at any time. A parent/guardian may contact the Metro United Way to answer any questions about this research and analysis project or their child’s participation. Contact Ben Donlon at 502-292-6157 or ben.donlon@metrounitedway.org

A student’s information will only be used as described on the consent form. Metro United Way will not share or disclose any personally identifiable information received from JCPS.