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502 Wood Road
Louisville, KY 40222
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Phone/Fax:  (502) 485-7700

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The Phoenix School of Discovery is a choice school that specializes in meeting the needs of students through differentiated instruction. The Phoenix School enrolls students in grades six through twelve. Classes are taught by highly qualified educators in a setting that offers a small student-to-teacher ratio. Instruction is further enhanced by technology and interventions targeting students’ social, emotional, and academic needs. The school’s primary focus is not only to prepare students in grades six through twelve to reach state proficiency levels but also to meet the needs of the students where they are and to equip them with the necessary skills to be successful in life after high school.

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Enrollment 2019-2020

% Full-Time Teachers with master's degree or higher in       2019-2020

Student Satisfaction With School 2019

Parent Satisfaction With School 2019

% TEACHER TELL-Overall good place to work                 2017-18

Combined Reading and Math: % Proficient or Distinguished      2018-2019







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