JCPS Choice Zone Schools Get Fresh New Look

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Branding efforts breathe new life into buildings

By Juliann Morris

Oct. 26, 2023—Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Choice Zone schools got fresh paint, redesigned logos, and bold signage installed this summer as part of a new branding initiative designed to create vibrant educational environments.

At King Elementary, vivid yellow and blue school colors, a newly-designed lion mascot, and inspiring signage now adorn the school’s exterior, interior, website, and branded spirit wear given to all students.

The striking visual transformation has had a big impact on culture and climate, said King Principal Rhonda Hedges.

“When the space is happy, it causes the children to be happy,” Hedges said. “They take more pride in their building and school spirit, and it helps students feel like they are a part of the community.”

The JCPS Communications and Community Relations Department launched the new branding initiative earlier this year, targeting the JCPS Choice Zone, which comprises areas in and around West Louisville. Students in the Choice Zone have two school options to which they are guaranteed admission—including a choice close to their home.

Schools worked closely with the communications team, designers, and JCPS Operations to freshen up and modernize mascots, color palettes, and quotes and phrases for signage at 10 existing Choice Zone schools. Two new schools that opened in 2023-24—Perry Elementary and Hudson Middle—created their branding from scratch.

Jamiera Johnson, director of Choice Zone programs, said schools solicited input and feedback from their students, teachers, and staff throughout the branding process, which helped ensure widespread buy-in. 

“Students have been in awe and were amazed to see the fresh new paint and new logos when they walked through the doors,” Johnson said. “This project shows that we value their education, learning environment, and community.”

JCPS invested more than $200,000 to revitalize Choice Zone buildings. JCPS plans to expand the branding initiative to non-Choice Zone schools in following years, said Carolyn Callahan, JCPS chief of communications.

“When students see the new logos and paint throughout their schools, they feel valued and inspired, and some have told us it makes them excited to come to school each day,” Callahan said. “We’re thrilled with the results so far and look forward to continuing to enhance our school communities through branding and design.”