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Linda Miller
Supervisor, Grants & Awards Accounting Department
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The Grants and Awards Department provides accounting services and reports on all grants received by JCPS. We report on nearly 427 grants with budgets exceeding $1 billion; including federal, state, local, and private foundation funded grants. Some of the larger grants that we handle consist of Adult Education, ESS, Foundation Accounts, IDEA-B, KETS, Louisville Metro, Title I-IV and Wallace.

We serve with grace, excellence and integrity while assisting schools and directors with grant processes. Our office ensures that all grant requirements and JCPS policies are followed while providing accurate financial accounting and reporting.

Grants and Awards do not write grant applications. For assistance writing, processing and/or the approval of grant applications/contracts, please contact the Resource Development Office at (502) 485-3290.

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School Grant Fiscal Management Resources

Managing Grant Funds

Managing grant funds can be overwhelming at times which is why we compiled resources and guidelines to help you.

In-Kind & Cash Match

Some grantors may require an In-Kind or Cash Match when donating funds. In-kind donations are non-cash items and/or services. A Cash Match requires a match of funds from the School or District. 

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