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The Title I Department oversees the Title I, II, and IV federal grant programs authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015. 

These critical grants provide supplemental funds to our district for:

  • socioeconomically disadvantaged schools and students (Title I, Part A),

  • building systems of support for excellent teaching and leading (Title II, Part A), and

  • student support and academic enrichment (Title IV, Part A).

Supporting Student Success in High-Poverty Schools with Title I, II, and IV Funds

Our department supports school leaders in using Title I resources to provide effective programming for students at risk of not meeting the rigorous state standards. These funds can be used for additional instructional staff, extended school programs, and supplemental resources to raise student achievement in high-poverty schools. We also prioritize parent and family engagement, providing ongoing training, consultation, and resources to involve families in meaningful ways to yield high academic outcomes.

Additionally, Title I works with other district departments to effectively use Title II funds for professional learning, recruitment and retention, and building the capacity of educators and leaders throughout the district. Title IV funds are used for a well-rounded education, improving school conditions for student learning and enhancing academic achievement and digital literacy with technology.

Title I

Title I provides extra attention, materials, and teachers to help historically underprivileged children obtain a high-quality education and proficiency on state academic standards.

Family Engagement

Parents and families are active and equal partners in a child's education. We seek input from parents, involve them in decision-making processes, and create spaces for two-way dialogue.

By valuing parents' expertise and involving them in shaping the educational experience, we develop a sense of shared responsibility that leads to more student support, improved alignment between home and school environments, and increased academic growth.

Contact Judith Wilson, Title I Parent and Family Engagement Specialist, if you looking to learn more about how you can actively participate in your child's education.

Judith Wilson

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Specialist