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Brenda Livesay
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The Insurance Department acquires and manages various insurance coverages to protect all shareholders. These include Fleet Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Bonds, Builder's Risk, Cyber Insurance, Event Insurance, Healthcare Professional Liability, General/Educator Legal Liability, Flood Insurance, Property Insurance, Special Activity Insurance, Student Accident Insurance, and Drone Insurance Coverage.

The Facility Rentals Department manages JCPS's properties, which includes acquiring new facilities, selling surplus facilities, and managing rentals. They also handle easements, deeds, and appraisals and represent JCPS at Government Land Bank meetings.


Facility Rentals

Accidents and Injuries

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Lost or Damaged Property

Drone Application & Approval Process

No drone can be used until it has been approved.

To be approved to use a drone on JCPS school property or for a JCPS-sponsored event, please complete the drone application and read the JCPS Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy information.

Once the application is received, the JCPS Insurance Department will contact the respective party to finalize the approval of the UAS.

Learn more about getting the required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license.