Budget Department

About Us

The Budget Department has the responsibility of ensuring that the resources of the JCPS District are aligned to meet the needs of all students, as those needs are identified by the administration and instruction divisions of JCPS. Our goal is to strive for the best utilization of available funds toward an optimal academic achievement level for each student. The guiding philosophy of our department is that the resources must follow the needs of the students.

Department Responsibilities

  • Develop and control the budget for all fund sources.

  • Produce and maintain the budget development system and site-based distribution system in a manner conducive to the utilization of the budget as a planning tool for all schools and departments.

  • Maintain position control, thereby managing the approved staffing levels for all fund sources at all locations.

  • Create and submit for approval the financial operating plan of the General Fund portion of the budget.

  • Work with program directors in order to ensure that their specific budgets fulfill their intent regarding program objectives and are utilized for the very highest priorities of our students.

  • Ensure that proper fund balance is maintained in order to meet state requirements, fulfill legal obligations, and maintain an acceptable level of liquidity for the support of cash flow.

  • Provide district administrators support in recurrent and one-time internal needs regarding financial data.

  • Provide district administration any needed financial impact analysis of legislative concerns and strategies.

  • Identify, gain approval, and allocate resources for board-approved projects and priorities.

  • Maintain the grants and awards project and grant tracking system, thus enabling the district to update and monitor these fund sources, provide mechanisms to prompt for appropriate actions, and furnish program status information.

  • Update the chart of accounts for revenue and expenses, thereby establishing a structure of accounts that allows for the most appropriate categorization of codes for the proper identification of those elements.

  • Annually develop a district five-year plan for revenues and expenses for General Fund, thus enabling the district to operate with long-term planning of resources and obligations.

  • Collect, analyze, organize, and post the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) in order to outline resources for the highest district goals, comply with Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) requirements, and enable JCPS to apply for federal grants.

  • Continue the culture of friendly customer service within the areas of our responsibility.

For a copy of the most recent Working Budget or other information about the budget, please contact the Executive Administrator of Budget at thomas.aberli@jefferson.kyschools.us

School Budget Allocations

School allocations are approved annual by the Jefferson County Board of Education in January. The school allocation standards establish the General Fund staffing and funding structures for schools.

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