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Renda Davis
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C.B. Young Jr. Service Center
Building 1 - Balcony
3001 Crittenden Drive,
Louisville, KY, 40209

About Us

The Facility Planning, Design, & Construction Department manages construction, renovation, and remodeling projects to provide our students with safe and modern learning environments.

Capital Construction Projects

JCPS Under Construction

JCPS invests approximately $150 million every year to enhance its infrastructure. Our team of dedicated staff members is involved in every project from planning to execution, ensuring that each initiative aligns with our goals and objectives.

All projects that exceed $50,000 require bidding, which guarantees transparency and fairness in the selection of contractors. At JCPS, we take pride in being an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and we strive to provide a positive work environment that values diversity, inclusion, and equality.