About Us

The Resource Development Department offers guidance and assistance in securing financial resources for schools and departments that align with the JCPS Strategic Plan. We monitor and report on all grants and donations in compliance with state law and board policy.

Schools and departments interested in applying for grants should contact Resource Development at least five days prior to the application deadline.

Accepting Donations, Gifts, & Grants

As state law requires, the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) must accept all grants, donations, and gifts to schools, departments, or the JCPS District, including nonmonetary donations and gifts.

The JCBE will officially accept and acknowledge small grants and donations by approving a Board Report. For instructions on including a small grant or donation on a Board Report, contact Judy McQueen at (502) 485-3290. 

Regardless of amount or value, all donations must be submitted to the Board using the Donation Database.

Submitting A Grant Application

A grant award constitutes a contractual agreement between the grantor (funding source) and the grantee (the district, on behalf of a teacher, school, or department). This agreement should not be entered into without appropriate approvals. The Department of Resource Development facilitates district and board review and approval. A grant application summary sheet is required for all grants submitted by the district and the Jefferson County Public Education Foundation (JCPEF).

Letter of Support or Commitment

JCPS also provides letters of support/commitment for community organizations that apply for grants aligned with their strategic plan. To start that process, please complete the Request for Letter of Support or Commitment Form.

No Contact List

JCPS schools and departments should avoid contacting businesses, foundations, and individuals who contribute to major fundraising programs. The Jefferson County Public Education Foundation (JCPEF) is the only entity authorized to contact these funders. A systems approach to fundraising necessitates that we coordinate our efforts. The business community receives numerous requests, and they must prioritize their contributions. Resource Development appreciates your cooperation.