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Michelle Cook
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C.B. Young Jr. Service Center
Building 11
3001 Crittenden Drive,
Louisville, KY, 40209

About Us

The Facility Management Department maintains facilities by providing a clean, health and safe environment for the general public and staff to educate students. Success is a satisfied customer and meeting the needs of the district 1st and 2nd shift 260 days a year. Our department has standardized methods and operating procedures in place and selects appropriate equipment and supplies to meet district needs.

Equipment Repair Shop

The Equipment Repair Shop is responsible for the following:

  • On-site repair of Facility Management equipment in schools

  • 24 hour emergency flood response and cleaning

  • Cleaning assistance, when required, in conjunction with major construction and renovation projects

  • Annual project cleaning for district bus compounds

  • Safe provision of scaffolds and hydraulic lifts for use in maintaining lighting in gymnasiums, cafeterias, and stairwells

  • Preventive Maintenance videos for Facility Management Equipment

  • Facility Management equipment asset tags and delivery

  • Safe provision of soot-a-matic boiler-cleaning equipment

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Carlos Thompson
Lead Worker, Facility Management Services
(502) 817-9230

Night Operations

The Night Operations Department provides critical support district wide:

  • Training

  • Securing Buildings

  • Flood Response

  • Covering Vacancies and Absences

  • Covering after hour programs district wide.

Contact Us

Cathy Washburn
Coordinator (Night Operations), Facility Management
(502) 271-9389

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