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Donald Robinson
Executive Administrator, Property Management, Maintenance, and Support Services
(502) 485-3178


C.B. Young Jr. Service Center
Building 10
3001 Crittenden Drive,
Louisville, KY, 40209

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The General Maintenance, Renovations is responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of over 180 facilities, totaling almost 16 million square feet of floor space. They also estimate and coordinate minor district renovation and building modification projects.

The Grounds Shop maintains district schools and office sites by providing grounds services. They maintain over 1,250 acres of grass, provide pavement maintenance and fencing for around 150 miles of sidewalks and 160 miles of fences, assist in the development of outdoor classrooms and playgrounds, maintain thousands of trees, and provide emergency snow and ice removal services.

Mechanical Maintenance is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of boilers, furnaces, water heaters, Geo-Thermal Systems, chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps, unit ventilators, fan coils, air handlers, exhaust fans and ventilation, circulating pumps, water circulation, piping, refrigerators, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, ice machines, closed-loop water treatment, State-Mandated Boiler Inspections, Digital Temperature controls, Building Automation, Climate control, thermostats, and Energy Management.

General Maintenance, Renovations, Grounds & HVAC/Mechanical

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Shawn Blackston
Specialist Maintenance & Renovations
(502) 485-3413

Mike Thomas
Specialist General Maintenance & Grounds
(502) 485-3565

James Jones
Specialist Mechanical Maintenance
(502) 485-3425


C.B. Young  Jr. Service Center
Building 9
3001 Crittenden Drive,
Louisville, KY, 40209