Elementary and Secondary Academics

Elementary Academics

Ronda Cosby
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Academics Department

Secondary Academics

Shalonda Foster
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Academics Department

About Us

The Elementary and Secondary Academics Departments identify resources and curricula ensuring that K-12 students receive equitable grade-level instruction.

Curriculum Frameworks

The Curriculum Frameworks are designed as modules to:

  • Ensure equitable and culturally responsible experiences for all students

  • Create a cohesive framework for standards-based instruction driven by the success skills

  • Create a flexible framework for teacher implementation

  • Offer high-quality resources for planning classroom instruction

  • Facilitate implementation of project-based learning (PBL), deeper learning, and personalized learning

Curriculum Support

If you have any questions or requests related to contracts for high-quality instructional resources, please contact Elisabeth Read.