Notify the superintendent of the local school board in writing within ten days of the beginning of the school year of their intent to homeschool their child(ren) each year they homeschool. If you would like verification that the letter was received, please send it by certified mail.  The letter must include the name, ages, and residence of each child in attendance of the homeschool. See KRS 159.160.  

Please send the letter of notification to:

Pupil Personnel/Home School
Attn: Kim McEntire
P.O. Box 34020
Louisville, KY 40232-4020

Establish a bonafide school for the children to attend. When informing the district superintendent of your desire to homeschool, create a school name. This will be used for future records and diplomas.

In Kentucky, under state law, all children must be enrolled in school between the ages of 6 and 18. If a child is 6 by August 1, he or she must be enrolled in primary school. Children can begin primary school at age 5 but only if their fifth birthday is on or before August 1 of the current school year. A 4-year-old who will turn 5 by August 1 can enroll in primary school. See KRS 159.010 for further explanation.

Record and maintain scholarship reports of each student's progress in all subjects taught at the same intervals as the local public schools. See KRS 159.040. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) suggests that the person responsible for instruction keep a portfolio that contains samples of the best work done by each student in several areas of study and maintain the portfolio each year the student is homeschooled. This may be of assistance in documenting the existence of the homeschool or the transfer of the student to another educational setting. A record of courses taken and grades received is also necessary.

Keep accurate attendance records of pupil attendance. The attendance records can be kept in a notebook, on a computer, or in another manner but must be readily available in case of an inquiry. See KRS 159.040. The minimum school term is 1,062 instructional hours. The term of the school shall not be for a shorter period in each year than the term of the public school in the district in which the student attending the school resides. In those school districts that are operating a year-round school program, the minimum term of private and parochial schools shall be 185 days.

Subjects taught should include reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, science, and civics. It is the parents’ right to offer other subjects as well. See KRS 158.080, KRS 156.160, and KRS 156.445.

It is required that all core instruction be offered in the English language.