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Committed to empowering prepared and culturally responsive teachers for all students, Louisville Teacher Residency (LTR) creates a diverse teacher workforce that transforms the educational outcomes of all students through courageous conversations, racially equitable instruction, culturally responsive teaching, and meaningful reflection. LTR is a one-year, urban teacher-preparation program for individuals with limited to no teaching experience. 

Residents receive personalized instruction throughout the process to help them become successful in JCPS classrooms; the benefits of the residency program include:

  • Kentucky Professional Education certificate

  • Master's degree from the University of Louisville (UofL)

  • Mentorship from a master teacher

  • On-the-job coaching and feedback

  • A cohort of peers for support and shared learning experiences

  • Benefits of teaching in JCPS

  • A competitive base salary for residents

  • A fringe benefit

  • Paid leave days

  • Participation in the Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) Kentucky

  • Health benefits provided by the Commonwealth of Kentucky

  • A guaranteed teaching position in JCPS schools