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The mission of the Vehicle Maintenance Department of Transportation Services Division is to provide comprehensive direct support for both JCPS fleets: the Student Transportation Fleet, comprising 1,250 school buses, currently the 15th largest school transportation fleet in the nation; and the Operations Support Fleet comprising over 460 units including sedans, vans, trucks, and special-purpose/utility vehicles.

Supported Services

fleet fueling (attended vehicle fueling, station operation/maintenance, and bulk fuel resupply for twelve (12) district sites;

fleet maintenance (preventive-maintenance services, system and body repairs, field service runs, and recovery/wrecker support for all vehicles, plus monthly school bus safety inspections, and parts-component acquisition through Supply Services and vendor sources);

fleet renewal (replacement: specification preparation, acquisition, outfitting, and in-processing), and retirement (out-processing, coordination for sale/salvage actions);

fleet management (maintains the district fleet database and fleet records, assists Supply Service’s in maintaining the JCPS fleet inventory, monitors and reports on fleet distribution, assignment, utilization, and status, and processes motor vehicle registration actions for new and retired vehicles); and,

fleet support facility operation (coordinates utilities, services, and repairs with Facility maintenance agencies and vendor sources; and conducts safety-health, environmental protection, and emergency-preparedness programs with support from the Safety-Environmental Services Office).