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How to Pursue a Teacher Certification in Kentucky

There are numerous routes to initial teacher certification in Kentucky, including traditional and nontraditional pathways.

Certification Questions?

Please get in touch with the Kentucky Division of Educator Licensure and Quality.

Teacher Certification Procedure

The Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB) now utilizes the Kentucky Educator Credentialing System (KCES) for all certification applications.  The new procedure requires that JCPS no longer accept paper or electronic applications.

To renew a professional certificate, add content area, change ranks, or renew a temporary provisional please visit the Educational Professional Standards Board website to be prompted to the new KECS site

Contract-Ready Checklist

It is the educator's responsibility to email JCPS an updated certificate to complete the renewal process.

Application Process

For additional assistance, read the document Complete Application on AppliTrack

Step 1

Gather your application materials.

Step 2

Complete and submit the online application. Click Apply Now to view current job openings. Continue checking this website for new job postings.

Step 3

Make sure your application is submitted.

Hiring Process

Vetting & Eligibility

The candidate's application is reviewed to determine eligibility for the position.* Candidates who fulfill all requirements for the applied position are eligible and sent to the hiring Principal/Manager. 


The hiring Principal/Manager reviews eligible candidates' applications.


The hiring Principal/Manager will invite selected candidates for an interview. Candidates may receive a phone call or an email message to be invited for interviews. Please monitor your email.


The hiring Principal/Manager will submit a recommendation to hire to the Human Resources Division.


The recommendation to hire is reviewed and approved or disapproved by Human Resources (contingent on background clearance).

Job Offer

The candidate receives an official job offer (phone call and email from Human Resources). If the candidate is not selected for the job, he or she will receive an email notification.  

Accept or Decline

The candidate accepts or declines a job offer. If a candidate accepts the position, they must complete the onboarding paperwork.

Contract Signing and Picking Up Benefits Information

The candidate is scheduled for contract signing.

Rank Change Information

Your university or college certification consultant will submit the +15 verification form on your behalf.

Human Resources will accept changes in salary rank at any time during the school year. Information received after September 15 will be credited to the following school year.​

To receive a rank change salary bump, please email your current EPSB-issued certificate.