Exceptional Child Education Assessment

JCPS will assess any student, ages 3 to 21 years, who is suspected of having a disability. If your child is not enrolled in a JCPS school or program, call (502) 485-3170 for information on referral procedures. If your child is enrolled, contact the school counselor or your child’s teacher.

When Exceptional Child Education (ECE) receives a written referral, the student’s parents are invited to a meeting of the Admissions and Release Committee (ARC). The parents may be asked to grant consent for assessment in areas of concern. A team of professionals that includes a school psychologist will evaluate the student. The school psychologist or another member of the evaluation team will analyze the information and prepare a written report. After the assessment is complete, parents are invited to another meeting to discuss the results.

The committee considers all current, valid assessments—including assessments from other agencies—to determine disability eligibility. If a student is identified with a disability that adversely affects their educational performance, the committee may develop an Individual Education Program (IEP) to determine specific goals.

If you are a parent and would like for your child to be evaluated to determine if your child may have a disability, please contact your child's school if you are currently enrolled in JCPS. If you are not currently enrolled and you are seeking an evaluation of your child, complete this Referral for Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation.