Middle School Sports Information

JCPS Middle School Athletics Website

Vision Statement

Middle school student athletes will build a strong foundation for Academic and Athletic achievement through emotional, social and physical development to foster problem solving skills, teamwork, and resilience. 

Middle School Student Athlete Participation Forms

Participation Forms are required each school year for participation.  The KHSAA MS Sports Physcial is included and the JCPS Parent Permission Form must be notarized.  

JCPS/KHSAA regulations govern all schools and sports in the district. JCPS currently sponsors football, soccer, field hockey, cross-country, volleyball, golf, boys' basketball, girls' basketball, archery, competitive cheer, dance team, swimming, baseball, fast pitch softball, track and field, and tennis. The association's by-laws create rules for all sports, including limitation of seasons, transfer rules, recruitment and influencing students, officiating, sportmanship, and requirements to coach.