Middle/High Schools & Programs

October through early January is the online application period for middle and high magnet schools and programs as well as middle school optional programs and High School Open Enrollment. Students who are new to the district may apply anytime, but choices may be limited outside the application period.

Ready to apply? Fill out an online application, or you can  get more information on school choices. (If your child has not attended a JCPS school before, you will need to use the application link to register before you apply to schools.)

Students who are currently enrolled in the fifth grade or the eighth grade at a JCPS school and who are not interested in specialized schools or programs do not need to register or apply. They will automatically be enrolled in the middle or high school that serves their home address. To find out which school serves your child’s address, use the online SchoolFinder or call the JCPS Demographics Office at (502) 485-3050.