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School Hours

chart of school start times. contact your school for specific times

Bus Safety

School bus behavior expectations are established to ensure that all students have a safe ride to and from school each day.  Positive and proactive strategies will be implemented to foster appropriate behavior and productive relationships.  The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards while riding the school bus as is expected on school property or at school functions, activities, and events.  All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or waiting at a designated stop. View the Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook.

Bus Rider Safety Card. Call 485-3470 for full details

Waiting to Board a Bus

  • Arrive at your bus stop five minutes ahead of the bus. The driver is on a schedule and must stay on time.
  • Keep the roadway clear of books, clothing, and other articles. Never play in the path of traffic, and stand well away from the road when the bus approaches.
  • Respect neighbors’ property, such as flowers, shrubbery, windows, fences, and other items while waiting for the bus and avoid making excessive noise or littering,
  • Wait until the bus stops; then walk to the door and board the bus in an orderly manner. Do not push or shove.  Do not run alongside the bus when the bus is moving
  • If you live on the opposite side of the road from a bus stop, wait on your side of the road until the bus arrives.   The driver will give the signal to cross the road  when it is safe.  In the afternoon, be sure to cross in front of the bus and not behind it.


General Information

  • Students are expected to ride their assigned buses.
  • Students are permitted to leave the bus only at the regular, designated stop. Any change must be made with the parent's/guardian's request in writing, and changes must be approved by the signature of the school principal.   
  • Students are not permitted to switch buses without authorization from a principal or the Transportation Services Department.
  • Report any alleged misconduct on the school bus to the principal.
  • If you have questions concerning bus routes, call your child's school or the Transportation Office at (502) 485-3470. After school starts, information may be more quickly obtained from the area bus compounds.
  • JCPS has established bus stops at numerous daycare and Childcare Enrichment Program (CEP) locations. Students must be enrolled in the designated daycare or CEP site to use these bus stops.
  • All students in special needs programs who are scheduled to ride special buses will be contacted by their drivers prior to the opening of the school regarding pick-up time.
  • Parents of Pre-Kindergarten 3-year-old program and Head Start students will be notified of transportation service by the appropriate program office.
  • Minor Daniels Academy, Breckinridge Metropolitan High School, and Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) students will be notified by the school of bus stop locations and times.

Depot Information

JCPS has a vibrant choice system that allows students many options across the county. In order to efficiently provide students transportation to schools throughout the city, we use a system called depots. A depot is similar to an airport hub. An example is when an airline uses Charlotte, North Carolina’s airport, as a hub. In other words, people from all over the country fly to Charlotte and then catch a flight to their final destination. This is similar to a bus depot. Students from all over the neighborhood go to the depot on a bus that picks them up near their home, and then they catch a new bus that takes them to their final destination.  Please check out the video at the top of this page to get more details on how depots work.