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NTI Cooking Instructions Arabic
NTI Cooking Instructions Nepali
NTI Cooking Instructions Somali
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Additional information reqarding changes to meal services

School and Community Nutrition Services (502 Food Works) oversees schools to ensure that healthy and safe meals and/or snacks are always available to students.

502 Food Works is committed to providing nutritious meals at a reasonable price. We provide meals for breakfast, lunch, after-school programs, summertime, and even during emergencies. Families are encouraged to apply for free and reduced-price meal eligibility at the beginning of each year if they attend a Non-Community Eligibility (CE) school or to complete an Educational Benefits Form if attending a CE school.

502 Food Works is one of the best values around providing well-balanced meals with all five food groups. We follow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition requirements that include age- and grade-appropriate calorie ranges, whole-grain-rich products, low-fat dairy, reduced sodium, and no trans-fats.

We love Fueling Louisville’s Future one meal at a time!