Student Transfer Rules

Students entering ninth grade are eligible for sports at whatever school they attend, but after ninth grade, any student who is granted a transfer to any other JCPS high school will be ineligible for athletics for one calendar year from the date of hardship enrollment. These students may practice with any team and participate at the Junior Varsity (JV) level. This rule is in addition to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Transfer Rule—Bylaw 6.

Example: Jerry lives in the attendance area for Doss High, but he attends duPont Manual High because he has been accepted into one of the school's magnet programs. Then Jerry decides to transfer from Manual to Iroquois High. He will be ineligible to participate in Iroquois sports because of the JCPS Transfer Rule even if he did not play any sport at any level at Manual. He may even be ineligible at Doss unless he was administratively placed at that school.

If the student played in a varsity contest, he or she must also be cleared under the KHSAA Transfer Rule—Bylaw 6. To review this rule, visit KHSAA Bylaw 6.