Transporting Students

With the approval of the principal, private vehicles may be used for transporting students taking part in athletic events. Private vehicle transportation must be pre-approved by the Board of Education.  Schools must ensure that any parent transporting students has completed all requirements of the JCPS District. With proper parental authorization, a student may transport himself or herself but under no circumstances may a student transport another student to athletic events. State law prohibits transporting students in vans that carry more than nine passengers, including the driver. All personnel assigned to drive the activity bus shall be certified by the JCPS Transportation Office. Wages of drivers, if necessary, will be paid by local school funds. Activity buses must adhere to a strict 120-mile, one-way radius. Under no conditions may a JCPS activity bus be driven beyond the limit.  For trips outside of the surrounding counties (Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby, Meade, Hardin, Floyd (IN), Clark (IN), athletic directors must request a late model bus from the appropriate compound.