District & School Data

District Datasets

JCPS publishes summative data reports for our elementary, middle, and high schools with data, such as demographics, academics, behavior, and climate.

Comprehensive School Surveys

JCPS conducts an annual survey of school and workplace climate data from multiple stakeholders: students, parents, and staff.

Graduate Outcomes

JCPS uses the Student Tracker service from the National Student Clearinghouse to obtain accurate information on the educational outcomes of our graduates anywhere in the United States.

School Performance Profiles

A snapshot of each school provides useful information on enrollment, attendance, behavior, dropouts, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) membership, test scores, and staff data.

Cascade Data Portal

A research portal for employees and OST Community partners

Data Request Management System

A secure system to transfer data to employees or community partners. This is the starting point for military recruiters to receive directory information per state and federal law. All such requests are required to go through the DRMS; schools should not provide military recruitment or directory information directly. Requests for nonpublic data or open records requests should not begin with the DRMS but start with this page instead.


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