Staffed by 20 special law enforcement officers and 7 noncommissioned employees, the Security and Investigations Unit is responsible for the safety and security of more than 100,000 students and 15,000 employees.

We investigate criminal activity on JCPS property, including 156 school sites, 1,000 buses, and 51,650 bus stops. We also provide uniform patrol for JCPS properties and conduct professional-development (PD) training for all in-school security monitors, who are located at 73 sites throughout the district.

Five certified telecommunication operators staff our District Operations Center around the clock. Three security investigators conduct special investigations involving students, staff, or district property.

Mission Statement

The men and women of the Jefferson County Public Schools Security and Investigations Unit are committed to promoting student achievement by:

  • Promoting a safe educational environment for all, free from the fear of crime and victimization.
  • Identifying and solving problems by forming partnerships.
  • Assisting district and school administrators in efforts to minimize disruption to the educational process caused by exposure to loss.
  • Providing professional security services for the Jefferson County Public Schools family and community, using dynamic and proactive techniques.
  • Using in-house personnel and equipment where practical and by assistance from the local police agencies as necessary.