How to Apply

Before You Get Started: Do You Need to Apply?

Yes, you'll need to apply if any of these things are true:

  • Your child is starting kindergarten.

  • You are new to JCPS.

  • You have moved.

  • You're interested in an optional program, magnet program, magnet school, or an Academies of Louisville school in your network.

No, you do not need to apply if either of these things is true:

  • Your child is continuing at the same school as last year, and you have not moved.

  • Your child is going into middle or high school, and you want him or her to go to the school that's assigned to your home address (your "resides school").

Application Steps

If you do need to apply, there are three steps to applying.

Step 1: Register

You'll need to register first if:

  • Your child is starting kindergarten.

  • You are new to JCPS.

Learn how to register.

Step 2: Choose Your School

JCPS boosts academic success by letting you apply to the school that best meets your child's needs and interests. If you haven't explored your options yet, now is the time to learn about JCPS school choices.

Step 3: Apply

When you've made your choice, it's time to apply to JCPS schools. First, take a moment to learn more about applying to: