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The Personnel Services Department makes learning possible by recruiting and staffing the district’s non-administrative positions. Personnel Services is responsible for recruiting a vast, diverse group of candidates of the highest caliber. This department is also responsible for staffing certified and classified vacancies with talented, bright, hard-working employees to ensure the highest academic achievement for all JCPS students.

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2023-24 JCPS-JCTA Critical Needs Teaching List 

Pursuant to Article 28 Section G of the JCTA/JCBE agreement, JCPS will recognize up to 20 years of teaching/certified experience for new experienced teachers hired in the following critical needs areas/disciplines:



Dual Certification
Two or more content areas, a content area or elementary with special education, or being certified at both the middle and high school level for a content area

Dual Credit
High School and College Course

Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Occupation-Based Certification

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Special Education
Includes LBD, MSD, Hearing Impaired [HI], and Visually Impaired [VI]

English as a Second Language (ESL)

School Media Librarian

Teaching in a school identified as an Accelerated Improvement School (AIS) at the time of hire

Mental Health Practitioners

Additional areas may be identified based on qualified applicant data for a vacancy not listed above. 

Zone Contacts

HR—Elementary Zone 1

Areas Supported: Zone 1 Elementary Schools, Waller-Williams, DuValle Early Childhood Center, Riverport Early Childhood Center, and Housekeeping Areas 1, 2, and 3

HR—Elementary Zone 2

Areas Supported: Zone 2 Elementary Schools, Churchill Park, Dawson Orman Early Childhood Center, Housekeeping Areas 4 and 5

HR—Elementary Zone 3

Areas Supported: Zone 3 Elementary Schools, UofL PACT, Heuser Hearing & Language, Mary Ryan Academy, State Agency Schools, Westport Early Childhood Center, George Unseld Early Childhood Learning Center

HR—Middle School Zone

Areas Supported: Middle Schools, Binet School, and Newcomer Academy

HR—High School Zone 1

Areas Supported: Zone 1 High Schools, Breckinridge Metropolitan High, Liberty High, Minor Daniels Academy, Pathfinder School of Innovation, Phoenix School of Discovery, Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program

HR—High School Zone 2

Areas Supported: Zone 2 High Schools

Central Office and School-Based Administrators

Areas Supported: Central Office, School-Based Administrators (additional information on positions served in drop down menu below), Maintenance, and Nutrition Services


Areas Supported: Transportation Department